Cost Plus World Market is huge in the world of holiday shoppers. From decor to entertaining to tons of holiday treats, shoppers know it’s Christmas HQ. So much so that they’ve come to expect fun, family-friendly spots every year. In 2021, we decided to try something new—creating a diagetic world featuring all the sounds of a great holiday party. 



In addition to a larger storytelling spot, CPWM wanted to be able to highlight individual holiday items using the “Make it Magical” tagline, and our holiday style guide to create :15 spots for social media—they loved them so much they wanted to broadcast them too. 


Cost Plus World Market has a ton of touchpoints for all their campaigns. To ensure a unified look and feel across such a diverse range of applications, we developed an in-depth style guide and toolkit to deliver a holistic visual experience through in-store signage, direct mail, social posts, digital video, coupons, and whatever else inevitably cropped up.


ACD Gabe Sherman
CW Christian Zerbel
AD Caylee Hubert
D Gaston Yagmourian
ECD Todd Eisner
ECD Jamie Barrett
Director Mike Mills